Cody Wilson Puts Out Bounty for Carbon Fiber 3D Printer

Cody Wilson has done a great job demonstrating the futility of gun control though his efforts of creating functional firearms with 3D printers. But 3D printing a firearm with plastic has major limitations. Fortunately a company has released a 3D printer that uses carbon fiber. Unfortunately they won’t sell to Cody because they know he wants to use it to print a firearm and the company apparently isn’t cool with that. But once you release your technology to the public it cannot be control and Cody is determined to get his mitts on one of these 3D prints. So determined in fact that he’s offering a sizable bounty for one:

Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson says he pre-ordered the Mark One about a year ago for $8,000, but was told last Friday in a phone call with a MarkForged salesman that the company refuses to sell him one, citing terms of service that disallow private citizens from using the machine to make firearms. So instead, Wilson is offering what he describes as a “bounty” to anyone who can get him MarkForged’s new carbon fiber printer.

“Anyone who’s got access to one, any reseller, any individual or business or entity that can deliver it to me, I will give them fifteen grand,” says Wilson, who has also released a YouTube video advertising his offer. “I’m going to get this printer. I’m going to make a gun with it. And I’m going to make sure everyone knows it was made with a MarkForged printer.”

Herein lies the problem for those who want to control technology. Once you sell your technology to somebody they can easily turn around and sell it. If they stand to make a nice profit they will likely be willing to sell. $7,000 is a tidy profit and I’m guessing Cody isn’t going to have any problem acquiring the printer.

2 thoughts on “Cody Wilson Puts Out Bounty for Carbon Fiber 3D Printer”

  1. If I had the 8 grand lying around I would buy it for a fast resell. Might use the extra 7 to get one for myself at much reduced actual cost.

    1. Same here. It would also be fun to say you were the guy who helped get Cody the 3D printer. Enabling people who are trying to make it easy to build firearms is always something I’m willing to attach my name to.

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