Professional Upbraiding

I’m interested in getting a Beretta M9. Specially I’m interested in the new M9A3. As I was searching for information on if or when the pistol would be made available for sale to non-military personnel I came across what may be the most professional way to tell somebody to shut up and fuck off that I’ve ever witnessed:


Zing! As I’ve explained before, I carry a .45. However I don’t do so because of some delusion that the .45 is somehow superior to 9mm. I just happen to like .45 and realize that I will almost certainly never be in a situation where what determines whether or not I survive is the caliber of my handgun.

One thought on “Professional Upbraiding”

  1. .45 is a nice comforting round but the 9mm has quantity on its side while not being an underpowered round. If you are going with a gun low on capacity .45 is what to choose but those extra rounds make the decision more equal when it comes to the world of double stacks.

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