Uncle Sam Wants His Money

Dennis Farina plays Uncle Sam in Get Shorty.

Let this story be a lesson to everybody, be careful when you’re taking out a loan with the country’s biggest gang:

It might seem odd in an era defined by stagnant wages and rising income inequality for the long arm of the law to be cuffing Americans who default on their federal student loans. But according to reports out of Texas, that’s exactly what’s happening.

Paul Aker, 48, tells the New York Daily News and a local Fox broadcast affiliate that a coterie of heavily armed US Marshals showed up at his door in Houston last Thursday. His alleged crime? Failing to pay Uncle Sam back for a $1,500 student loan he took out to attend Prairie View A&M in 1987, he claims.

If you fail to pay back the mafia there’s a good chance armed men will come to your door, kidnap you, and take you to the Don.

This is another example of the rules being different from private individuals and the State. If you or a private institution loans money to somebody and they refuse to pay you cannot kidnap them and place them in a cage until they pay you back. Uncle Sam can. So think twice before taking any of his filthy lucre.