Sherlock Holmes Still Under Copyright, Interesting

Here is a piece of news I found rather shocking. The Sherlock Holmes property is still under copyright. This surprises me since the property is well over 100 years old (123 years according to the article).

Anyways the article has a long convoluted string of ownership transfers throughout Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s estate that allowed for the character Sherlock Holmes to stay copy righted. I’m sure Walt Disney will ensure Sherlock Holme’s copyright never expires via the aptly named “Mickey Mouse laws.”

Eight People Shot Dead in Virginia

A lone psycho in Virginia has managed to kill either people. Not many details have been given but this piece of information I thought was rather interesting:

At one point, a police helicopter was fired on and forced to land with a ruptured fuel tank.

That’s a lot more hardcore than usual. Normally in these cases the shooter would kill himself when the police arrived. Wait for the Brady Campaign and Bloomberg’s Posse to make an announcement saying the gun caused the crime. Also I’m betting they say it’s an AK-47 at some point.

Orders of Magnitude

Remember the big swine flu scare of 2009? Probably not I mean it’s not like there was wall to wall coverage about how it was going to be the flu to end the existence of our miserable species on this planet. Anyhow we’ve got some numbers of Oceania in regards to predicted deaths versus actual deaths. First:

Sir Liam pointed out that there were the same experts who predicted that up to 65,000 people might die from swine flu this winter – a figure which was later downgraded to 1,000.

So first they were predicting 65,000 people were going to die. Then they downgraded it to 1/65,000 of the original value. That’s 65 TIMES fewer people. And what was the actual death toll? Well:

To date there have been 360 deaths from swine flu in the UK (251 in England, 64 in Scotland, 28 in Wales and 17 in Northern Ireland). But the vast majority of those infected have had either a mild disease or no symptoms at all.

So a little over 1/3 the number of people they predicted were going to die. This once against demonstrates how the mass media will hype anything to get a story. Of course you know the governments of the United Kingdom will proclaim the lower number of deaths was a result of the actions taken by the said governments. Might as well take credit where credit isn’t due.

Further more I’m almost willing now to believe the conspiracy theories about the swine flu being a plague designed by the world governments to lower the population. I’m not seen a government plan or program not end up being a total failure yet. This story lends credibility to the conspiracy theorists.

GSM 3G Encryption Cracked

Are you on AT&T or T-Mobile? Bad news if you are the encryption use for their 3G networks has been cracked. Don’t panic quite yet though:

“This is a nice piece of work. This is breaking the math, not just an implementation,” said cryptographer Bruce Schneier. “They found a practical, related key attack. It’s not clear whether it can break actual traffic or whether it’s useful operationally. Related-key attacks are a form of cryptanalysis that showed up about 10 years ago, but they’re rare in the real world because you need the related keys.”

So what happened? Well the GSM guys took a cryptographic algorithm and decided to modify it. This is never a good idea. The modifications that were made actually broke it. This further proves that if you’re going to use complex mathematical algorithms make sure you know exactly what you’re doing. Head over to the link to get more details.

Doctor Rockzo Isn’t Going to Like This

Now this is funny. Via the No Agenda podcast I came across this little hilarity. For those of you whom don’t know there is no a “vaccine” for cocaine addiction. That’s right there is a drug people can take that prevent them from getting addicted to cocaine. But there is a slight problem. When given to somebody who is already addicted to cocaine it causes them to overdose.

The “vaccine” (I’m sorry but it should be called a vaccine, drug use it a choice not a disease) prevents the brain from absorbing cocaine and hence the use receives no high. Those who are already addicted take more and more cocaine hoping to get high. So this doesn’t cure their addiction at all, it only makes them overdose and die. Great.

Need Something To Read, How About The TSA Standard Operating Procedure

I like to read Dvorak Uncensored because I come across some great articles.

For instance I needed something to read in order to test out the new built in PDF reader on my Kindle and I see something worth reading on Dvorak’s site. Behold the TSA Standard Operating Procedure manual. Now you can read first hand how they abuse passengers do their job.