If Everything is Bigger In Texas What Are Things in The Former Soviet Union

They say everything is bigger in Texas. If that’s the case everything must be positively HUGE in the former Soviet Union. I present for your pondering pleasure the Lun class air craft. Also some massive photographs.

What was the Lun class transport? It was a soviet ground effect craft that could transport two million pounds of Soviet anger. To top it off it was also able to six nuclear warhead equipped surface to surface cruise missiles. The entire craft was powered by the collective rage of the Soviet Union. I believe the idea here was to nuke the shit out of the shoreline, release the peasant conscripts, and laugh manically as they died shortly afterward of radiation poisoning.

Seriously some of the shit thought up during the Cold War amazes me.

Loaded Chamber Indicators

Tam has a post mostly talking about how loaded chamber indicators are a bad idea. I agree with what is said, what purpose does a loaded chamber indicator serve other than a false sense of security. I carry an XD which is a gun equipped with a loaded chamber indicator and still physically check the chamber when I want to see if the gun is unloaded (Dry fire practice and cleaning).

I guess I don’t care that it’s on the gun since if it breaks it doesn’t dampen the reliability of the gun. It’ll shoot with or without it.