Apparently the American Flag is Offensive?

I’m going to try to control the storm off foul language that’s currently running through my head…

So for Memorial Day Debbie McLucas puts up an American flag in her office (located at Kindred Healthcare). This is a pretty common thing to do in America, which is where she is. But her boss (shit head) and a supervisor (douche bag) found the flag offensive. They both told her she needed to take it down.

Well apparently she didn’t (good on you Debbie) and Mr. Bag did it for her. She came into her office to find the flag on the floor (completely against flag protocol).

Well eventually Kindred Healthcare posted a statement on their website (no link was given by the news article so I can’t reference it here, sorry) which stated the following…

“The disagreement was over the size of the flag and not what it symbolized. We have invited the employee to put the flag back up.”

So the flag was three foot by five foot at that’s too big? Hmm… I know my company has a full sized flag hanging on a flag pole right outside of our office. I know this not just because I walk by it every day but also because we replaced the flag on Memorial Day. We also gave the old flag to the local VFW for proper disposal.

Anyways being two people said the flag was “offensive” I don’t think the take down had anything to do with size. This is standard company speak for “We fucked up and don’t want to accept blame for it.”

What the Hell has a country come to when you can’t even display that country’s flag?

Here is the contact information for the company…

Kindred Healthcare
Corporate Headquarters
680 South Fourth Street
Louisville, Kentucky 40202



It’s the Gun Store’s Fault

No story to link to on this one. This post is more or less going to be a rant about one of the dumbest ideas ever, blaming the gun dealer for a criminal’s activities.

I don’t remember where I saw this but a group of people were outside of a gun store protesting because a criminal (who wasn’t one at the time of purchasing his gun) obtained his firearm from the store. The protesters were trying to blame the store owner for selling the man the gun even though the man passes a background check (and of course anti-gunners love the idea of background checks).

Now maybe I’m dense enough to have my own event horizon but I don’t understand how you can blame a gun dealer for the actions of one of their customers.

Let’s compare this to the automotive industry. There is a massive number of D.W.I. fine written out every year. This is because people are stupid enough to drink booze then attempt to drive.

If we follow the earlier mentioned protesters’ logic we should be blaming the automotive dealers every time a drunk driver kills somebody in an accident. Just like the gun dealer the automotive dealers are simply selling a product to another person. They don’t know what the buyer is going to do with the car they sell them. For all the dealer knows the buyer could be planning to use their newly purchased car to attempt to kill the Dutch Queen (Google it).

Hell we might as well just go all out. We may as well blame Target for selling a kitchen knife if it’s used in a stabbing. Why not blame Best Buy when somebody uses a computer purchased there to write a computer virus?

The reason we don’t blame the automotive industry, Target, or Best Buy for any of the mentioned actions is because most of us are smart enough to realize they didn’t have a hand in any of those actions. They simply sold a consumer a product. But according to some people this concept is no longer relevant when a gun is involved. What the Hell makes gun dealers responsible for doing the exact same thing GM (oh wait they aren’t selling cars) Ford (who aren’t selling many) does?

This lack of logic is what I hate about the anti-gun movement. Every argument they made can be stricken down by actual facts and the light use of logic. Their arguments are based entirely on emotions. Generally that emotion is a fear of guns. But as with most emotion driven arguments logic isn’t the basis. In fact logic is strictly ignored for if it were used the argument would not be viable.

Soon not Having a White Roof will be Illegal

The things “scientists” will say to get a piece of that Al Gore’s Apocalypse “research” money…

Apparently if we all paint our roofs white it will reduce carbon emissions (you know the stuff plants use to perform photosynthesis and create oxygen) as much as removing all vehicles from the roads for 11 years.

I’m tossing this one in the “I want global warming money so here is a crackpot idea” pile. Sadly if this “research” catches on you know the current administration will seriously consider a law that would make it illegal to have a roof that isn’t white. Cripes.

Man Threatening to Jump Off Bridge is Lent a Hand

Another interesting story from…

A man who was threatening to jump off of a bridge in China got pushed off by a passer by. When asked why he pushed the man off the passer by said he was fed up with the jumper’s “selfish activity.”

As they say be careful what you wish for because you may just get it.


The FCC Think They can Search Your Home

Arrogance becomes you FCC…

The FCC believe if you have any device that could interfere with the operation of other devices (in other words any electronic piece of gear) they can invite themselves in to search your house. And we’re not talking at pre-arranged times and dates but anytime they damn well please.

So the spooks aren’t the only people who think they can search your premises without a warrant.

National Park Carry Law Signed

Obama actually did it, he signed some pro-gun legislation. Of course it was tacked onto his precious credit card bill of rights…

We won’t be able to carry in parks until February 22, 2010 but we won this battle. Once again I don’t like the idea of having attached it to, what I consider, a bad bill but then again the Antis have been using this method for years. I wonder how they like the taste of their medicine. I bet it tastes like defeat.

Of course I’ll throw out the standard disclaimer that winning this battle shouldn’t make us feel confident. We still need to fight just like we did with this bill. If we keep fighting this hard more victories should be imminent.

FTC Considering Regulate Blogs

Well this figures, I was reading Snowflakes in Hell and came across a rather scary news article…

The Federal Trade Commission is considering sticking their fingers in bloggers’ business. They want to require bloggers who review products to disclose whether the product being reviewed was given to them, is a sponsor’s product, or if the reviewer is getting paid to do the review.

Up next requiring bloggers to be “fair and balanced.”


Right to Repair Automobile Law Put Forth

It’s about time a law was put forth that removes all the barriers between automobile computers and their owners…

Strangely enough it’s being proposed by Bob Barr and Ralph Nader. I never thought I’d see a day when these two people agreed on something.

The bill would make proprietary computer systems with lockout mechanism illegal for use in automobiles. As it stands right now automotive manufacturers like to make their vehicles as hard to work on as possible. They do this because they make a huge chunk of change when you bring your car in for work. This would allow a person to diagnose their own problem and possible fix it themselves or have an independent mechanic do it (which is normally a LOT cheaper).