Montana Gold

For those of you having a hard time finding bullets for reloading (as I have been) take a look at Montana Gold…

I first heard of them because one of my local reloading supply stores started stocking them. Their bullets are reasonably priced and the .45 auto FMJ (the only ones I’ve shot of theirs so far) work perfectly well.

I just order 1,000 .380 bullets for my Ruger LCP which I can’t find ammunition for. The box arrived and the rounds look good. But most importantly you can actually get bullets from these guys. There was no back order for the .380s which surprised me greatly. The only bummer for many is that you have to order quantities of 1,000 or more.

Interesting .45 Auto Carbine

OK I’m a huge fan of the .45 automatic cartridge. Both of my primary carry guns are .45 and I have a Beretta CX4 in .45 auto plus a Tommy Gun. It’s a good cartridge in my opinion but finding a good carbine hasn’t been easy. Well in my tireless quest for a good .45 auto carbine I came across the Kriss Super V…

Now my Tommy Gun is cool but far too heavy for practical defense and the CX4 only has 8 round magazines with larger ones looking to never appear. The Kriss Super V seems to solve both those problems by being light weight and has extended magazines.

The main problem is it’s expensive. In fact it’s far more expensive than anything I’m willing to pay for a .45 carbine at the moment. The only real advantage of a .45 carbine is it would use a common ammo supply with my pistols. On the other hand an M14 is very well suited at stopping bad guys so I think I’ll continue using it.

I Survived Enemy Territory

So the girlfriend and me went to the Wisconsin Dells this weekend. It was fun but I must say not being able to have your gun on your sure is a change from the normal.

It really irritates me that crossing the boarder from Minnesota to Wisconsin also means I go from being a lawful armed citizen to a defenseless sheep. While at the Dells I noted how screwed everybody would be if a bad guy with a gun showed up and started letting rounds fly. Somehow the government of Wisconsin thinks its citizens are safer without being able to legally carry a concealed weapon (and harassed if they legally open carry a gun). I just don’t get it.

A Great Response to Those Who Voted Against National Reciprocity for States Rights Reasons

Joe Huffman sent a great e-mail to his senator who voted against the Thune amendment…

Pretty much he says if you are against federal control over guns you should be helping to repeal federal firearms laws such as the National Firearms Act. I think I might want to do something similar with my senators.

What I Want to Know

So during the entire hearing of Senator Thune’s national carry reciprocity amendment the anti-gunners were screaming about states’ rights.

That’s all well and good, after all I’m all for state’s rights. But I want to know how the anti-gunners justify their hypocrisy.

See to the people that voted against Senator Thune’s amendment claiming it violated states’ rights are the same kinds of people who want to reestablish an “assault weapons” ban and are find with the National Firearms Act and the Gun Control Act. So why do states only have rights when the laws being brought up are pro-gun but the states don’t have rights when the laws being looked over are anti-gun in nature?

Probably because anti-gunners are hypocrites and liars by nature.

If You Don’t Agree with Somebody Call Them Racist

Honestly this kind of thing just pisses me off…

To sum up the story a many opens a Republican oriented political merchandise kiosk in a mall. Somebody writes in and complains so he gets booted out. But it’s the accusation made against the owner, Loren Spivack, that pisses me off the most here.

As most of you know I’m not a Republican nor anywhere near one. I disagree with much of what Mr. Spivack says on his merchandise. But for God’s sake this line is the real offensive thing here…

At least one passerby found them racist and bigoted, and took time to tell the mall in a letter and a letter to the editor of the Charlotte Observer.

I am really fucking tired of people who worship the Obamessiah screaming racism every time somebody else criticizes the man. Most people who are criticizing him aren’t racist but actually don’t agree with his policies. I happen to be one of those people.

And this is where I go into rant mode for a few seconds. The people complaining in this story are what I call “progressive” liberals. Don’t mistake these “progressive” liberals with actual liberals whom are willing to have an honest debate, kindly disagree with your views, and not scream racism when you criticize Dear Leader. No these “progressive” liberals are well described by Eric Shelton on the Handgun Podcast.

They are great at feeling but not very good at thinking. Their arguments are always emotion based and never fact based. They will scream things about needing to ban guns because just one innocent child being shot is too many (which is true but the fact that 2,500,000 times a year guns are used to save peoples’ lives far outweighs any single tragedy). But worst of all these people are also hypocrites which are my least favorite kind of people.

They will scream until their blue in the face about how tolerant they are of others. This tolerance ends the second you don’t agree completely with them of course. They claim they want equality for all and will do anything to fight racism and bigotry. Where are they when a conservative man is being discriminated against? Oh that’s right since that person doesn’t share their views they don’t deserve to have a business.

Now I agree the mall owner has every right to decide can and can’t rent space in his mall. It’s his private property and he has the freedom to do what he wishes with it. My complaint here is the accusation that the kiosk owner is racist because he doesn’t agree with the Obamessiah.

You know I think I can sum up this entire article with the following picture from Sunday’s episode of No Agenda…

Want John Moses Browning’s Home?

Now you can and for the low low price of $374,900…

I’m surprised this building hasn’t been declared historical and run by a museum. Needless to say I’d love to have this house but of course I can’t afford it and I don’t really want to move to Utah.


Using Waste Water to Determine Drug Use

This is an interesting study…

Researchers are testing untreated sewage for chemicals that are found in drugs. From the article…

Scientists from Oregon State University, the University of Washington and McGill University partnered with city workers in 96 communities, including Pendleton, Hermiston and Umatilla, to gather samples on one day, March 4, 2008. The scientists then tested the samples for evidence of methamphetamine, cocaine and ecstasy, or MDMA.

Just wait until all waste water leaving your home gets tested. If they find traces of anything illegal it will give the Drug Enforcement Agency probably cause to storm your home. Ah yes, progress.


Even in Press Releases About a Victory the Anti-Gunners Lie

Seriously it’s bad enough to lie when you are trying to stop something but lying in a press release declaring a win is a whole different ball game…

Yes I’m not linking to the actual press release since I refuse to give those pricks any traffic. But the entire thing is posted on Another Gun Guy. Here is the blatant lie…

The amendment would have also undermined state assault weapons bans because it would have allowed permit holders to carry concealed assault weapons into the seven states that currently ban these guns.

This isn’t true at all. The amendment would have allowed people with carry permits to carry their gun in other states that allow carry permits as long as they obeyed the laws of the state they were in. That means if a state has a ban on “assault weapons” you couldn’t bring your AR-15 into the state. Not to mention most guns the Brady Bunch call “assault weapons” are rather large to be considered handguns. I’m just saying many states allow the carry of a handgun not a long gun.

Oh wait there is a bonus lie…

Concealed carry permit holders have already killed police officers, murdered innocent citizens, and committed mass shootings.

This is from they “study” they did. Study is quoted since I don’t believe a Google search constitutes a study. Either way I’d like to see the story of the permit holder who committed the mass shooting. That’s a new one.

How can anybody trust an organization that lies even when they are touting a win?