More of Your Tax Dollars at Work

When the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (ATF) aren’t busy providing guns to Mexican drug cartels they’re working hard to raid small town gun shops:

Ludco Gun Shop owner Fred Ludington was arrested this morning on federal charges.

Ludington was charged with selling firearms to felons and non-Indiana residents.

There is a great sign on the desk of Ron Paul that states, “Don’t steal, the government hates competition.” Apparently this holds true in all regards as Mr. Ludington was in competition with the ATF who also like to provide guns to felons and non-Indiana residents. The result was predictable though as 70 agents… wait how many? Thor fucking God of Thunder on a pogo stick:

Special agent Kimberly Riddell, public information officer for the ATF, told The Star Press that 70 ATF agents, investigators and support personnel were at the shop, with assistance from the Indiana State Police.

It took 70 agents plus help from Indiana State Police to rob a single gun shop? I’d hate to see how many agents it would take to perform an bust against actual criminals. They would probably have to mobilize the National Fucking Guard for that kind of raid.