Professionally Built Illicit Firearms

As an advocate of self-defense and an agorist I always enjoy stories that involve both. Opponents of self-defense have worked hard to put laws in place that restrict access to firearms. But laws are mere words on pieces of paper and cannot stop human action. We’ve seen countless examples of illicitly manufactured firearms but they generally appear to be rather crude. Now a mystery manufacturer appears to be illegally producing professionally built firearms and distributing them in Europe:

Pictured is an unknown 9mm machine pistol which has been seized in the Netherlands and more recently in the UK. ‘R9-Arms Corp USA’ appears to be a fictional company, suggesting it has been manufactured illicitly. The model is made to a very professional standard with a milled receiver and slide, perhaps even produced in a former legitimate arms factory in a country such as Croatia. It appears to accept an Uzi type magazine and can fire semi or fully automatically.

The ATF in the USA were consulted on its origin and apparently had no matches on record.

Manufacturing a firearm isn’t rocket science. Firearms are pretty simple mechanical devices and the tooling needed to manufacture one is already fairly affordable and only becoming more so every day. But manufacturing them on a large scale without getting caught still requires skill and it appears Europe has somebody with the necessary skills.

In addition to providing a means of self-defense outside of the state’s control the act of illegally manufacturing and distributing firearms also ensures taxes aren’t siphoned to the very beast that attempts to hinder people’s access to self-defense tools. It’s a win-win. Hopefully we will see more mystery firearm manufacturers in the coming years.

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  1. But, but, but, what about the LAW?!? The totalitarians here keep telling me how awesome European gun laws are and how they prevent things like this from ever happening. And now you’re telling me that laws don’t actually stop people from doing “bad” things and surely don’t stop people from doing anything good or amoral!?!

    I’m going to need to discuss this with my friend Knut. He’s a king of somewhere over there. In fact, I think he’s down by the beach right now…

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