Convert That Ruger 10/22 to Shoot Arrows

Coming from the “because it’s there” department we have this amazing contraption:

LaRue Tactical is now selling a kit to convert a Ruger 10/22 into an arrow firing rifle. It replaces the barrel with a heavy profile barrel that can only chamber .22 blanks. An arrow is inserted into the barrel and a .22 Blank will propel it at 435 ft/sec.

Crossbows are for chumps… chumps without a .22 chambered stake driver. This thing should also be good against vampires. I’m not going to lie I kind of want one, just not bad enough for the $599.00 asking price.

My Proposal for a New Three Gun Division

I spend quite a bit of my time thinking up really bad ideas. Yesterday while at the range another one of my bad ideas came to mind, a new three gun division which I will call death metal. There is already the heavy metal division which requires a .45 or larger handgun, .308 or larger rifle, and a pump action 12 gauge. My like death metal is to heavy metal in music this division will just be a more insane version of three gun.

The basic rules are these; your handgun and rifle must both be chambered in something .50 or larger and your shotgun my be a 10 gauge pump action. I think it also goes without saying that all guns must use iron sights only. Each target would be neutralized by a single shot meaning you don’t have to worry about double-taps (main because this idea would become even more insanely expensive).

Just imagine doing a three gun state with a Smith and Wesson .500, a Barret .50, and a 10 gauge shotgun, it will feel like you were in a mosh pit at a death metal concert by the time you’re done.

A Truly Useful Gadget

Dvorak Uncensored has a post about a truly useful gadget. It’s a noise canceling device that plugs into your MP3 player and apparently blocks out the sound of dental drills. Frankly dental drills are one of the most annoying sounds in the universe, probably because they are always associated with pain and misery. It would be nice not having to hear them.

More Rail Gun Goodness

Rail guns are perhaps the most awesome advancement in the world of throwing projectiles at things. The Navy broke their own record a while ago by firing a rail gun that impacted its target with 33 megajoules of force. How can you make something that bad ass even more bad ass? How about if those projectiles happen to fire missiles? The Navy has successfully launched their first fighter jet using a rail gun.

Well technically it’s not really a rail gun but it runs off of the same principal. The electromagnetic launchers are being developed to replace the current steam catapults used on air craft carriers to fling fighter jets forward with enough velocity to attain flight on carriers’ short runways.

Tron: Legacy

I saw Tron: Legacy at the IMAX on Saturday. To sum up the movie I can say it kicks major amounts of ass. Even if you haven’t seen the first film there is a lot to like in the new movie. It kicks all sorts of ass and frankly you really just need to go watch it. Legacy does a great job of having throwbacks to the original movie without being reliant on the nostalgia factor.

Oh and apparently the movie is in 3D. Being a man without any depth perception I wouldn’t have known this except for the fact that if I didn’t wear the glasses they gave us I the movie would be really blurry.

Rail Guns Kicking Ass

You know what’s awesome? Making a world record. Know what’s even more awesome? Breaking your own record. Following in the steps of Manowar who broke their own record for loudest concert ever, the Navy has built a rail gun that broke it’s own record for blowing shit up:

Navy scientists set a world record Friday during a test of an electromagnetic railgun, a tractor-trailer sized weapon that sends a 20-pound projectile rocketing through the air at seven times the speed of sound.

The futuristic gun was tested twice at the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Dahlgren, Va., and the first shot generated 33 megajoules of force out of the barrel, a world record for muzzle energy, the scientists said.

HELL YEAH! Think about that for a moment, a gun that propels 20 pounds of projectile to seven times the speed of sound. That’s 7,882 feet per second or 5,374 miles per hour. Roughly translated that equals about FUCKING AWESOME on the awesome scale. The video the Navy put out seriously needs a heavy metal soundtrack put to it.

Of course rail guns are still illegal to use for hunting in Wisconsin.

Mountain Goats… We’re Not Safe Anywhere

Yesterday I posted a story about a man who was killed by a mountain goat. Today I’m here to inform you that mountain goats are out there, they’re out to get us, and there is nowhere that we are safe. These bastards were spotted climbing the Cingino Dam in Italy. Looking at the picture it’s obvious that going around the dam would have been easier which leads me to believe the mountain goats are sending us a message… a very frightening message.