I Guess Al Gore’s Apocalypse will Happen

Holy shit Al Gore’s Apocalypse will happen. Eventually Earth will no longer be able to support life due to a greenhouse effect. But don’t fret we still have at least a half billion years to work on it:

The scientists agree that we do yet know how ubiquitous or how fragile life is, but as Guinan concludes: “The Earth’s period of habitability is nearly over ― on a cosmological timescale. In a half to one billion years the Sun will start to be too luminous and warm for water to exist in liquid form on Earth, leading to a runaway greenhouse effect in less than 2 billion years“.

Somehow I doubt reducing our carbon footprint is going to help solve this problem though.

Greenpeace Proves Once Again Zealous Environmentalists are Dicks

Greenpeace a group known around the world for pulling stunts such as ramming whaling vessels has taken time out of their busy schedules to prove once again how big of dicks they are…


Some Greenpeace pricks broke into Hewlett Packard’s Palo Alto headquarters and painted the words “Hazardous Products” on the roof. This apparently was due to the fact that Hewlett Packard didn’t give a flying fuck that Greenpeace rated their company poorly on the so called green meter.

So let me get this straight. Greenpeace doesn’t like the practices of a company. They could simply not buy anything from that company and publicly berate them to prove their point. Of course this wasn’t radical enough to they revert to trespassing and vandalism instead. Furthermore the only people who are going to see this message are one flying overhead. To me this seems pointless since people flying overhead are already using a “non-green” form of transportation and hence probably don’t give a shit what Greenpeace things. If I were the head of Hewlett Packard I’d be suing Greenpeace for every penny I could squeeze out of them.

This guys are nothing more than low level terrorists. That’s right I said it, terrorists. If you don’t bend to their will they will take matters into the realm of property damage of physical attacks (I’m sorry ramming and potentially sinking a ship full of people in waters well below freeze, thus guaranteeing the death of the sunken ship via hypothermia, is a physical attack against those people). I don’t know how these guys don’t have federal agents crawling so far up their ass’ that they can taste them.

Here is a source of Greenpeace trying to ram a Japanese whaling vessel…


What Global Warming Bias?

Oh shit here it goes again another study critical of global warming has been suppressed…


This is why I don’t buy into the whole global warming thing. For me to buy into something I generally need scientific evidence from multiple sides. I want studies done by people for a subject and people against a subject. In the case of global warming anybody who publishes a study that is critical of global warming is shunned and their study never sees the light of day.

I’m sure many people consider me insane and a conspiracy theory nut ball because I don’t desire to fight in Al Gore’s Apocalypse. But I have yet to find a study done by an un-bias party that shows evidence that global warming exists or that it is man made. My skepticism probably comes from the fact I remember when everybody was saying we are going to be entering another ice age any time. I also remember when all the pollution in our atmosphere was going to create so much acid rain that it would be deadly to go outside while it was raining. Neither of these claims had any real scientific evidence behind them and eventually they fell to the wayside.

Soon not Having a White Roof will be Illegal

The things “scientists” will say to get a piece of that Al Gore’s Apocalypse “research” money…


Apparently if we all paint our roofs white it will reduce carbon emissions (you know the stuff plants use to perform photosynthesis and create oxygen) as much as removing all vehicles from the roads for 11 years.

I’m tossing this one in the “I want global warming money so here is a crackpot idea” pile. Sadly if this “research” catches on you know the current administration will seriously consider a law that would make it illegal to have a roof that isn’t white. Cripes.

Apparently it’s Better to be Dead then Question Al Gore

Via Sharp as a Marble…


Apparently somebody thinks Michael Crichton should be dead since he questioned whether global warming was man made or not. I don’t know what to say beyond I hope the person who said that gets mauled by a velociratpor.

Seriously this whole “global warming is man made period” thing is just like a religion. Once you stop allowing people with opposing views and evidence speak you are no longer performing science, you are preforming faith.

Source: http://blog.robballen.com/2009/05/19/p3412-better-dead-than-not-in-line.post

Fat People Are Environmental Hazards, Cause Global Warming…

Check this article out…


According to this article fat people should be considered an environmental hazard because they help advance global warming. Direct from the article…

“The study concludes that being overweight or obese ‘should be recognized as an environmental problem’ because of its contribution to climate change from additional food and transport emissions.”

Expect to hear from Al Gore soon on how we should round up all obese people and execute them to save the planet. Seriously though this whole bull shit with global warming is getting out of hand. Every prick and yahoo out there is willing to do a study to prove X causes global warming so they can get grant money.

I’m all for reducing pollution and such but let’s think critically about this. According to the global warming chanters there is no longer a debate and anybody who things otherwise is mentally insane. On the other hand no study has actually been performed looking at any other possible causes then human caused.

And there is a reason behind this, if you say anything that countermands the idea that global warming (shit I forgot it’s called the redundant phrase “climate change” because this year was a record cold year and the ice caps are at their highest since the ’70’s) you can’t get any grant money. So much for the scientific process but I digress.

Oh well I guess we should just start charging fat people for more carbon credits. Hey that’s a new tax scheme, don’t base it on a person’s income base it on their weight. Oh I’m so patenting that idea!

Just like everything causes cancer soon everything will be labeled to cause global warming.