Poroposed Assembler Opcodes

Obviously this is only going to apply to the truly geeky watching this and most of those people have already seen this but it’s still funny. Some of the opcodes I really like and would find useful:


You never know when you’ll have to branch to data on Alpha Centauri. Heck I’d use this all the time.


Regardless of what some people believe this instruction doesn’t actually exist in your computer.


Hey look it’s Al Gore’s opcode!


This would solve a lot of crashes created by new programmers.


Oh if only I had this instruction available when people called me for computer help.


Good instruction for the truly paranoid out there.


Al Gore’s other beloved instruction.


If only that existed.

For those of you who aren’t computer geeks realize this is the type of humor that some of use laugh at. Yet I know it’s sad.

A Novel Idea

I found a rather novel idea today. A person by the name of Darrel Ince is requesting scientists to release the source code for applications used in their research. It’s mostly directed at the Al Gore’s Apocalypse group of “scientists” but is a good idea in general. From the article:

Computer code is also at the heart of a scientific issue. One of the key features of science is deniability: if you erect a theory and someone produces evidence that it is wrong, then it falls. This is how science works: by openness, by publishing minute details of an experiment, some mathematical equations or a simulation; by doing this you embrace deniability. This does not seem to have happened in climate research. Many researchers have refused to release their computer programs — even though they are still in existence and not subject to commercial agreements. An example is Professor Mann’s initial refusal to give up the code that was used to construct the 1999 “hockey stick” model that demonstrated that human-made global warming is a unique artefact of the last few decades. (He did finally release it in 2005.)

A software application is, in essence, little more than a series of mathematical algorithms. No scientist will be taken seriously if they come to a conclusion but refuse to publish the math. Seriously try to get a scientific paper published without including the algorithms you used to come to your conclusion. You’re research paper will hit the shredder faster than the speed of light (Which will require some research into how that happened).

But somehow when the math is done on a computer nobody thinks it needs to be published. Software is never perfect. Computers aren’t good at doing most tasks outside of basic arithmetic. Doing floating point math on a computer without writing a library specifically aimed at the task is an estimation at best. At least if the code is published other people can see the logic being performed and find any bugs that could lead to an improper result. The scientific process need to remain an open debate otherwise it’s no longer science.

I would also go so far as to publish the exact specifications of the computer the software was run on. There have been quite a few problems found in processors that lead to incorrect answers under specific conditions.

Merry Christmas

Well it’s Christmas Eve here and I thought I’d get ahead of my duty to wish everybody a merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays, or whatever the fuck you want me to say and not get all offended for wishing you well).

I’ll be bunkering down in south eastern Minnesota where Mother Nature is reminding us that Al Gore is full of shit.

Why Hurry?

There are talks at Copenhagen where our world leaders are discussing how to tax us for something we all produce. The United Nation’s climate chief is now bitching the talks are progressing too slowly. My question is why the fuck do they want to hurry (well to fuck is over before we realize what’s going on but I digress).

Even if carbon dioxide was causing the climate to change (hint, it’s not) what would debating this a few additional days cause? The world isn’t going to end all of the sudden just because we took a couple additional days to discuss something. If we were debating a means of altering the course of a world ending astroid then days would matter.

I guess it doesn’t matter since our governments are just jockeying to establish another tax on us.

Yes Let’s Shut Al Gore Up

As I’ve stated before my company gets a copy of the Red Star Star Tribune and every day I like to read the letters to the editor. I seriously find some comic gold. Take this one for instance:


Publishing her shows media irresponsibility

I strongly object to your publishing a column by Sarah Palin on global warming (Dec. 10). She is not a climate scientist, and her opinion is unimportant. By publishing her the Star Tribune is asserting that the opinions of scientifically untrained and ignorant celebrities are as important as the opinions of climate scientists. There might be a place for her opinion if you published numerous essays on global warming including many by climate scientists. But I have never seen such an piece by an actual scientist.

In addition, in reporting on global warming, the Star Tribune routinely treats the opinions of scientifically untrained people as valid and as worthy of consideration as the research and reports of climate scientists. No wonder Americans are far more poorly informed on global warming issues than the citizens of other countries.


Emphasis was added to show Mr. Kerwin’s logic. According to him the paper was irresponsible to publish Sarah Palin’s ideas about global warming climate change because she’s not a climate scientist. Since she’s not a climate scientist her opinion is unimportant.

I agree. And since Al Gore isn’t a climate scientist we should stop publishing anything he says on the topic of his little apocalypse prediction.

Best Talk on Al Gore’s Apocalypse I’ve Heard

OK last week I attended a speech by Christopher Monckton. The subject at hand was Al Gore’s apocalypse, a.k.a. global warming, a.k.a. climate change, a.k.a. CO2 is going to kill us all. Mr. Monckton presented a lot of great information and showed how those who are claiming CO2 is causing “global warming” (even though we’ve been in a cooling trend for a few years) have lied.

Here is the YouTube video of his presentation:


His slide show is also available from the link (you should follow that while watching the video). The treaty he talks bout at the end of the speech is also available from the link.

It’s Official Obama is a Communist

What makes it official? Well Fidel Castro himself complemented Obama on a job well done. OK I purposely titled the article something facetious. Honestly Castro just went on record complementing Obama on his speed dealing with Al Gore’s money making scheme global warming.

I just wanted to be the first to say Obama is a communist because Castro complemented him. Seriously it’s going to happen all over Fox news, I’ll be you money on it (well not real money but I’ll bet made up monopoly money).

Al Gore’s Apocalypse on Trial

Finally some potentially sensible news. The United States Chamber of Commerce want to hold a hearing on man made global warning, also known as Al Gore’s apocalypse. The are pushing to Environmental Protection Agency to do a similar case to Scopes monkey trial:

Chamber officials say it would be “the Scopes monkey trial of the 21st century” — complete with witnesses, cross-examinations and a judge who would rule, essentially, on whether humans are warming the planet to dangerous effect.

“It would be evolution versus creationism,” said William Kovacs, the chamber’s senior vice president for environment, technology and regulatory affairs. “It would be the science of climate change on trial.”

Of course global warming is still a theory as no scientific evidence against it is usually allowed funding to the privilege of being published. As most of you know it’s not global warming itself I hate (although I don’t believe it) it’s the way it’s being treated as a religion as a means to make money. Al Gore is making a ton of money on programs like “carbon offsets” so he has an invested interest in global warming sticking around. The government can gain a lot of control via regulations meant to control global warming, and many companies stand to make lots of money off of “green” technology. On top of that all these people are working very hard to suppress anybody who has evidence against global warming. This not only makes me suspicious but it makes me believe the whole thing is a scam as no actual proof of it’s existence has been presented by a neutral source.

Until it’s treated as science, where everybody gets a say, it’s bull shit.

Wait what’s that? The Environmental Protection Agency, who also stands to receive a lot of funding due to global warming, is against the idea of a trial? Really:

The EPA is having none of it, calling a hearing a “waste of time” and saying that a threatened lawsuit by the chamber would be “frivolous.”

EPA spokesman Brendan Gilfillan said the agency based its proposed finding that global warming is a danger to public health “on the soundest peer-reviewed science available, which overwhelmingly indicates that climate change presents a threat to human health and welfare.”

Funny that, I’d like to see this peer-reviewed science that was reviewed by a party who doesn’t stand to make a ton of money on global warming. I’m waiting.