I Guess They Aren’t So Perfect

N.U.G.U.N. has a post informing us there is a new advertisement from Glock. Apparently they are claiming a “next generation of perfection.” Funny I always thought it something was perfect you couldn’t improve it. In fact an inability to improve something is the definition of perfection.

Well Guns, Holsters, and Gear says this is an advertisement for an upcoming line of Glock pistols with adjustable grips. Interesting theory I guess. If true there are going to be a lot of people who are going to be eating crow. One of the noted advantages of XD(m) owners is the fact the back straps can be changed out to fit your hand better. Glock fanboys say it’s just another useless doodad to break. Well if Glock heads down this path I will be laughing my ass off.

Being I have a Glock 30 I can say it’s not a perfect gun. It’s a very nice gun but certainly not perfect. The 10 round magazines are a pain in the ass to load (that last round just doesn’t want to go into the magazine), I find the trigger inferior to the one on my XD, and although the gun is physically smaller than the XD it’s slightly heavier. And before any Glock fan claims the added weight is a certain sign of better quality remember the 1911 is heavier than your Glock.

Izmash Files for Bankruptcy

Here is some surprising news brought to us by the Firearms Blog. Izmash, the produces of the Saiga rifles and shotguns, has filed for bankruptcy.

I guess if you want a Saiga shotgun or a rifle (great AK-47s after conversion) you should get one now. It’s rather sad to see an arms company that’s been around since 1807 die off now.

Sig P238 Recall Notice

I just saw this on the Firearm Blog. Sig is recalling p238 pistols due to faulty safety mechanisms…


This sums up the recall…

We have determined that a small number of P238 pistols may have safety levers that are not manufactured to factory specifications. Under certain conditions, it may be possible for the lever not to be completely engaged in the safe position. In this condition, the gun will not fire when the trigger is pulled. However, when the safety lever is moved to the off position, the hammer may fall, with the remote possibility that the gun could fire unintentionally, thus creating a risk of injury or death.

And here are the details on which P238s are being recalled…

If you have a SIG SAUER P238 with a serial number between DA000501 and DA003216, please cease use of the firearm immediately. Not all P238s within the identified serial number range are affected; therefore, it is imperative that you contact us via the UPGRADE HOT LINE at 1 (866) 446-1914. An operator will take your information and confirm if your firearm is required to be returned for Upgrading.

So if you have one take a look at the serial number.

Source: http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2009/07/31/p238-mandatory-safety-upgrade/

BATFE Changes to Short Barreled Rifle Rules

Snowflakes in Hell did a post looking at apparent changes in the BATFE rule book regarding pinned and welded extensions on barrels otherwise too short to avoid being labeled NFA weapons…


The BATFE hand book can be found here…


In summary the newest version of the NFA hand book appears to have taken out language that would allow pinned or welded accessories on a barrel being added into the length measurement of the barrel. Hence if you have a 15″ barrel with a 1″ pinned or welded flash suppressor it would now be considered a short barreled rifle.

This could turn many law abiding citizens into instant felons since this method has been used by many people to make their otherwise too short barrel long enough.

Vltor Weapon Systems Acquire Bren Ten Name

Good news courtesy of The Firearms Blog…


For those of you out of the loop Vltor has been working on a project they dubbed the Fortis Pistol. This was a recreation of the Bren Ten which was a pistol made for the newly introduced 10mm cartridge. Many companies have tried to bring back the Bren Ten and because of these failures there is a joke about the curse of the Bren Ten.

I’ll be honest here I’ve been watching the Bren Ten because I watched way too much Miami Vice back in the day. The Bren Ten was the gun carried by Sonny Crocket in the first few seasons (actually it was a modified Bren Ten). Anyways it looks like Vltor is taking this project very seriously which is good to see.

Source: http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2009/07/28/baby-the-bren-ten-is-back/

Smith and Wesson 22A Recall

Somebody let me know that there is a recall on some Smith and Wesson 22A pistols…


Recall information as posted by Smith and Wesson…

Smith & Wesson has identified a condition that may exist in certain model 22-A pistols. Based on our ongoing product review, we have determined that the slides of certain pistols manufactured from August 1, 2008 to February 19, 2009, may not meet the design specification. This can create a situation where insufficient headspace exists creating a risk of unintended discharge.

And what pistols are being recalled…

This recall applies only to 22-A pistols manufactured from August 1, 2008 to February 19, 2009. Affected pistols fall within the following serial number range:

UBW0000 – UBW9999
UBY0000 – UBY4104

I’m rather glad that the 22A I recently purchased isn’t on that list.