Izmash Files for Bankruptcy

Here is some surprising news brought to us by the Firearms Blog. Izmash, the produces of the Saiga rifles and shotguns, has filed for bankruptcy.

I guess if you want a Saiga shotgun or a rifle (great AK-47s after conversion) you should get one now. It’s rather sad to see an arms company that’s been around since 1807 die off now.

Wow Looks Like Somebody Used Rob Allen’s Guide Already

Funny and sad news. In the post directly below this one I posted a link to Rob Allen’s guide to firearm identification for the mass media. It stated everything except the AK-47 was an AK-47. Apparently somebody read it and took it to heart.

Somebody called 911 when they thought they saw somebody walking around with an AK-47. Five officers were let loose in the area to find the hypothetical offender of decency. Well they found nothing but were lead to believe storming the Bungie studio was going to find their weapon. Bugie, the creators of the Halo video game franchise, and police swarming their building. So what did they find?

A prop gun from the Halo video game series. Yes somebody spotted somebody from Bungie carrying a replica of the game’s sniper rifle and decided it was not only a real gun by an AK-47 to boot.

MSNBC Try to Create Racism Where it Doesn’t Exist

From View From the Porch comes some very incriminating evidence against MSNBC. They did a story that tries to link the Obamessiah’s critics to racism, specifically gun owning critics of their god. The problem? Well they showed a man with a rifle at a health care rally to talk about evil white supremacists. They only show a close in of the rifle across the man’s back, the man was the black man with a gun in Arizona:

Yup just call of Obama’s critics racist, even if they are black.

Blaming “Assault Weapons” for Pittsburgh Shooting Took Longer then I Expected

Well it has begun, the blaming of “assault weapons” for the gym shooting in Pittsburgh. Via Says Uncle I came across this story. Apparently after throwing in a bid for Delaware senator Joseph Sestak is howling for a reinstatement of the “assault weapons” ban. From his mouth to our ears:

“As we continue to see the effects of the violence in our state and nation, we must enact legislation banning assault weapons with the necessary sense of urgency,” said Sestak. “The senseless shootings of so many innocent victims during an aerobics class in Allegheny County, and of the three police officers in Pittsburgh this past April, are heartbreaking reminders that we must immediately address the loss of the common-sense ban earlier this decade.”

Notice anything strange here? Maybe this part of the article will sum it up:

n a release Thursday, Sestak pointed to an Aug. 4 shooting in Allegheny County, where George Sodini, 48, of Scott Township, used two 9 mm semi-automatics and a .45-caliber revolver to kill three women and wound nine others in an aerobics class before taking his own life.

Hmm, something isn’t quite right here. I’m not quite sure what it is though. Oh yeah that’s it! None of those listed guns fall under the “assault weapons” category. So let me get this straight Mr. Sestak wants to become a United States senator and he’s starting his campaign with lies almost immediately. Most people trying to get an office at least pretend to tell the truth right away.

Likewise his idea to solve a problem is to completely ignore the problem and enact a totally unrelated law. Wow I can picture him on the senate floor demanding we enact a law that would stop or allow abortions in order to fight illegal immigration. With logic like that who needs enemies to fuck up the country?

Correlation vs. Causality

You know how the Brady Bunch love to claim how the “assault weapons” ban lowered gun related deaths? Well they determined this through statistics which can be nothing more than lying through numbers. How did they lie? Simple they used a correlation to determine causality. I saw this article on Says Uncle that shows the correlation between the “assault weapons” ban and various weapons used in homicides.

The data shows that after 1994 firearm related deaths did go down (actually it started in 1993). The Brady Bunch use this as definitive proof that the “assault weapons” ban worked. Too bad for them correlation doesn’t imply causality. If you hit the link and check out the graphs you’ll notices that deaths by stabbing and suffocation as well as a few others also started dropping in 1994. This would lead to two possible reasons when in relation to the “assault weapons” ban. The first explanation is if the ban worked for firearms than there must have been equal bans on stabbing weapons and objects used in suffocations. The other explanation is there is a reasons other than the Brady Bill that caused the drop.

The second explanation seems more likely considering after the ban sunset in 2004 there was no dramatic increase in firearm related deaths. This is why the definitions of correlation and causality are so important. The anti-gunners lie through knowingly using research (for them that constitutes a Google search) numbers incorrectly.

Brooklyn Police Afraid of Flintlock Rifles

I found this story over on the Gun Rights Radio Network forum…


Michael Littlejohn, a citizens of Brooklyn, had a replica flintlock rifles produced for him. Under New York state law you are not required to register such guns. Now why would he want a flintlock rifles in Brooklyn you ask? Not that it matters why he wants it but the answer is he’s a Revolutionary War aficionado.

Anyways the police are saying he needs a firearms license to own the flintlock. Although this isn’t true I think the police feel they can beat Mr. Littlejohn into submission. After all anybody who is willing to own a flintlock rifle is only doing so to bypass the state’s gun registration laws and perform crimes with it. I think I will dub this the flintlock loophole. Just think if he has an unregistered gun he could perform a mass shooting at any of the state colleges. Back when such evil military style assault weapons were in regular use by the military a good rifleman could get off up to three shots in a minute! Just image the terror this man could produce with this unregistered military style assault weapon!

Economics 101: Why Mexico isn’t Buying American Guns

I found a great post over on The Firearms Blog showing why the Mexican drug cartels aren’t buying their guns from America…


It comes down to simple economics. Why would a drug cartel spend anywhere from $850.00 to $1,100.00 for a semi-automatic AR-15 when they could spent less than $100.00 on a fully automatic AK-47? Furthermore other countries are more than willing to sell the guns to Mexico whereas extra work must be done to get them from America.

Source: http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2009/07/14/which-gun-prices-what-they-are-surley-mexican-criminals-are-looking-elsehwere/

Apparently AR-15s and AK-47s are Unreliable

Here is our idiot of the day…


Governor Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania was asked about “assault weapons” on an CNN interview.

It’s nuts for ordinary citizens to go out and buy assault weapons. Assault weapons are difficult to operate, they jam easily, if you want a gun to protect your home it’s the last thing you should have.

That’s hilarious actually because I own several “assault weapons.” None of them are difficult to operate nor unreliable. Hell if you cant figure out how to operate an AR-15 or an AK-47 you’ve got issues. And both are pretty well known for being reliable rifles. If I needed to defend my home with a rifle (personally I’d prefer a shotgun in most cases) I’d certainly select one of the two.

Personally I like to call people out when they fuck up so here is his contact information…

225 Main Capitol Bldg.
Harrisburg, PA 17120
Phone: (717) 787-2500
Fax: (717) 772-8284

And of course his washington office…

1001 G St., NW, Ste. 400 E
Washington, DC 20001
Phone: (202) 638-3730
Fax: (202) 638-3516

And for completeness his e-mail address…


Go ahead and contract this man and inform him (be civil of course) why he’s wrong.

The SPAS 12

A couple of weeks back I finally obtained the gun I’ve been after since I first saw Jurassic Park, a SPAS 12. Here she is…

SPAS 12 and Choke Tubes

As you can see I also obtained a full set of choke tubes for it. As far as I know these are all the choke tubes that were produced for the SPAS 12. They are in order from left to right…

  • Improved Cylinder
  • Skeet
  • Improved Modified
  • Modified
  • Full
  • Extra Full

SPAS stands for Sporting Purpose Automatic Shotgun, although automatic really means semi-automatic. In actuality it’s a military shotgun now a sporting shotgun but the marketing people at Franchi probably didn’t think they would sell nearly as well with a name like MPAS.

The SPAS 12 is an interesting gun to say the least. It’s one of the few shotguns I’m aware of that can be used both as a semi-automatic and pump action shotgun. There is a button under the fore grip of the gun. Press it in and push the fore grip slightly forward and it goes into semi-automatic mode. Press the button and pull the grip back and it goes into pump action mode. This might seem like a strange idea until you realize some of the intended uses of this shotgun. Most non-lethal shotgun round, like beanbags and plastic slugs, lack the required pressure to cycle the gun in semi-automatic mode. Because of this the capability to manually cycle the gun was desired.

Another feature to facilitate using specialty rounds is the magazine cut off. On the right side of the gun is a small button near the magazine. Once pressed in the magazine is cut off so when the gun cycles next a new round won’t be automatically fed. So if you needed to use a slug but you only had shot loaded in the magazine you could hit the cut off, eject the currently chambered shot shell, and insert a slug. Once the slug is chambered the magazine cut off disengages automatically so the gun will function normally after the newly chambered shell is fired.

There are two safeties on the SPAS 12. The first being the quick action safety on the left side of the gun. When it is clicked back towards the user the trigger is disengaged. When you click it forward with a simple forward movement of your trigger finger the trigger is reengaged.

The second safety is located on the right side of the gun. There are two different setups for this safety. On older guns there is a large lever that really doesn’t have a save position which I’ll explain in a second. The second type is a crossbar safety which is a button similar to safeties on most modern shotguns. The reason I say the lever safety doesn’t really have a safe position is because it had a defect. Turning the safety from fire to safe could discharge the gun. This is why it was recalled and the new cross bar safety was used. Lucky me my gun has a level safety, but I’m not one to use manual safeties so it didn’t concern me much. The once nice thing about the large lever safety is it can be easily manipulated with gloves on, which was the original intent.

The final thing I’ll talk about in this post is the sights. Unlike most of the shotguns I’ve used the SPAS 12 doesn’t have a simple bead sight. Instead it has a nice ghost ring rear sight and a blade front sight. The ring has a notch cut out of the button. When using slugs you place the front blade into that notch, otherwise you center the front sight in the ring of the rear sight. It’s a very nice sight setup I will say.

I’ve had this gun out to the range twice so far and absolutely love it. I’ll be posting articles from time to time on interesting things I find with the SPAS as well as applications I’ve successfully used it for (I’m going to try trap shooting with it one of these days).

This Tacticool Stuff has Gone too Far

So I was browsing The Firearms Blog and came across this…


Stoeger is bringing out the Double Defense series of double barrel side-by-side shotguns. Go look at it. It’s a coach gun with rails on it. Yes RAILS on a coach gun, now I’ve seen it all.