Blood in the Streets

Now that the Heller case has been concluded and firearms are no longer all but banned in Washington D.C. the homicide rate must be through the roof. Blood must be flowing through the streets with the increased number of firearms. People must be cowering in fear with all the violence that has occurred because of the Heller case.

Wait… what’s that? Oh homicide rates in Washington D.C. fell by 9% in 2010? I guess the anti-gunners were wrong yet again. It’s almost as though this is no correlation between gun control laws and homicide rates.

Remember all Property Belong to the State

The California Supreme Court ruled today that police may search your cell phone without a warrant:

The California Supreme Court allowed police Monday to search arrestees’ cell phones without a warrant, saying defendants lose their privacy rights for any items they’re carrying when taken into custody.

Yes so upon your arrest all property you have automatically becomes property of the state. I’m not surprised really. What other outcome could you expect? The state is restricted only be the interpretation of law and the state is the one who interprets the law therefore they can do whatever the fuck they want.

Being able to do this is simply the state’s way of bypassing the requirement of needing a warrant to get phone records. If a cop can dig through your phone without a warrant that means they basically have your phone records on hand. Neat little bypass, huh?

Ruger LC9

As promised Ruger introduce a new firearm yesterday, meet the LC9. It’s nothing too jaw dropping really, yet another compact carry pistol. This one appears to be a scaled up version of the LCP chambered in 9mm and built with a manual safety (not a big fan of that particular feature myself). Nothing amazing or unique here but we’ll see what the user reviews end up saying.

Vampire Earth: March in Country Out Today

Speaking of birthdays I think I just received one of the most awesome gifts ever. Today is the release date of Vampire Earth: March in Country. I already have it downloaded on my Kindle and expect to be completely worthless for the next few days while I read through it. Do yourself a favor and go pick up a copy for your own bookshelf or electronic reading device.

Free Dinner

The homeless of Beebe, Arkansas should be eating well tonight after 4,000 to 5,000 blackbirds feel from the sky:

Workers were searching Beebe, a town of about 4,500 people located 30 miles northeast of the state capital, to collect what officials estimated as between 4,000 and 5,000 birds which began falling from the sky late on New Year’s Eve and continued into the next day.

Officials have no clue what the fuck killed all those birds but their theories make little sense as far as I can see. The birds showed no physical trauma so lightening and high speed winds don’t really add up and I can’t see fireworks stressing that many birds to death on New Year’s but no on July th.

iOS Alarm Clock Bug

Nothing makes you feel quite as stupid as fucking up something you’ve done correct time and time again. That’s why I’m betting the iOS developers at Apple are feeling really stupid as they introduced another bug in something that’s been correctly done on almost every software platform on the planet, alarms.

The alarm on iOS apparently wouldn’t go off on January 1st and 2nd of this new year. How the Hell do you fuck up an alarm clock? We’ve been doing these in software since… well it’s been a long fucking time. Hell my first Palm PDA did alarms. Yet this is the second alarm clock bug found in iOS within a year (the last one dealt with time zones).

Internet at the Speed of Light

I found a rather interesting idea being implemented by city officers in St. Cloud. Apparently they’re installing ceiling lights that flicker faster than the human eye can see in order to transmit data. This supposedly will ease congestion on the wireless network but I really wonder why they don’t just install more access points if that’s their problem (seems the easier and cheaper solution). Still this type of data transmission should be interesting so long as everybody works with all the lights on (which often isn’t the case as many companies).

Personally I think it’s kind of a dumb idea just because it requires you to have your work environment setup in a specific way (namely lights on) in order to get Internet access. Wi-Fi is great because you just need to have an access point and a wireless card in your laptop without any specific changes to your work area.