How to Stop Piracy, Russian Style

Those crazy Russians sure come up with some very practical and easy to enact ideas for apparently complex problems. Via Joe Huffman’s blog I found a great article showing how some Russian companies are helping deal with piracy in Somalia…

For £3,500 a day people can get on board one of these luxury liners. What do they do? Cruise around the African coast line and hope some pirates attack. Upon attacking the pirates are met with grenades, rockets, and machine gun fire dealt out by the on board special forces members. For a mere £5 a day people on the cruise can rent an AK-47 and buy ammunition for £7 per 100 rounds.

Of course some people don’t approve such as Vladimir Mironov who states the following…

They are worse than the pirates. At least the pirates have the decency to take hostages, these people are just paying to commit murder.

Personally after the Somali pirates threatened to start slaughtering any Americans they find after we kicked their asses I’m none to concerned about the lives of these pirates. I’m sure they would (maybe already did) have made the same threat to the French but their special forces people made sure no feeling were hurt by killing one of their own citizens.

Anyhow I’m sure these cruise liners will be shutdown and taken out by other nations’ navies because the only people who should be able to bait and kill pirates are the government.


Great Post on New Jersey’s New One Gun a Month Rationing

Snowflakes in Hell has a great post about how the citizens of New Jersey can get back at their politicians for passing the one gun a month rationing scheme…

It’s pretty simple really just vote Jon Corzine and Fred Madden out. Get rid of the two people most responsible for this travesty and let future politicians know you can’t throw gun owners under the proverbial bus.

The Supreme Court did it Right and Wrong in One Case

A story I’m glad to see printed in the slowly dying New York Times…

Back in 2003 a school’s zero tolerance policy (a.k.a. complete stupidity) went beyond too far. Savana Redding was suspect of having prescription strength drugs (you know for a prescription) which the school apparently frowns upon. They decided to search her backpack and outer clothes. But they didn’t stop there, no they went for the full strip search, on a 13 year old girl.

They ended up finding nothing of course. But I find it down right despicable that a school performed a strip search on a student. This in my opinion is a complete violation of a person’s rights. But schools love to claim you have no rights until you turn 18 years old, which is bullshit.

Anyways the Supreme Court found, by an 8 to 1 vote, that her rights had in fact been violated.

Now for the part they did wrong. The Supreme Court decided, but a 7 to 2 vote, that the individuals who performed the search should not be prosecuted. Personally I think if you’re unwilling to say “Fuck no I’m not doing that, I’ll quite first.” in a situation such as this then you are as guilty as the person ordering it.

Either way there is a pending lawsuit against the school which I hope the girl’s family wins. This kind of shit needs to be put down.

Nevada no Longer Recognizes Utah and Florida Carry Permits

Effect July 1, 2009 the state of Nevada will cease recognition of both Utah’s and Florida’s carry permits…

Nothing much to say about this besides Nevada’s government must be composed entirely of assholes. So what are their reasons? These are their reasons…

The Nevada DPS dropped Utah because it does not have a live fire requirement, which is a part of Nevada’s training requirements. When the Nevada DPS first began its state by state audit of Right-to-Carry laws in 2007, DPS admitted to NRA representatives that they overlooked the live fire training requirement. After further review, they determined that Utah wasn’t similar enough to keep it on the list of recognized states.

So they are whining because Utah doesn’t require you to demonstrate you can actually use a gun. Granted I guess that’s at least somewhat of an excuse but Florida…

Florida will no longer be recognized because its permits are now valid for seven years instead of five.

You’re kidding me they dumped it because the license is good for two more years than, I assume, Nevada’s? You can tell they are just digging for an excuse.

For the Minnesotans, A Page Tracking State Home Invasions

I came across a useful site today thanks to AJ187 on the Gun Rights Radio Network forums…

It’s a list of home invasions that have occurred in Minnesota. It’s very nicely setup and even includes a Google Maps application highlighting the location of each home invasion.

I bring this up mostly as proof that even here in Minnesota, where people think they are safe from the scary bad people, we have crime. This should motivate my fellow Minnesotans to at least draw up a plan on what to do should an invader come a knocking.

My Faith in Humanity is Dropping Quickly

First we have police officers charging citizens for resisting arrest and aggregated assault even though the officers hit the wrong house and now another bastardization of decency. Via John C. Dvorak’s blog we have this story…

A shitty strip joint called the Cheetah Club when and hired themselves a 14 year old girl. Why would a 14 year old girl apply for such a job? Well because she was forced to…

Police say Leslie Campbell, 48, kidnapped the teenager in San Antonio in March, took her to Corpus Christi, sexually assaulted her over the course of a week, gave her a false identification card and forced her to strip at the club.
Police say the girl, who has not been identified, escaped from Campbell’s home and has been reunited with her parents in San Antonio.

So she was kidnapped, sexually assaulted, and forced to work in a strip joint until she escaped. This is a tragic story but it gets worse. Fast forward to the immediate present…

RJL Entertainment Inc., — which is doing business as “Cheetah Club,” according to tax records — filed the lawsuit last week.
The suit seeks unspecified damages from Campbell, the girl and her parents, as well as a declaration from a judge that it did not intend to hire a minor.

“We’re the victims here,” Yaffe said.

Yes the strip joint which hired the girl is now suing the girl and her family. So after being kidnapped, sexually assaulted, and forced to take a job as a stripper she is also being sued on top of it.

I’m starting to give up home on the human race.


Some Tennessee Police Define Superdickery

I saw this on Say Uncle and let me tell you it’s an infuriating story…

The police show up at Justin Chilton’s apartment in response to a 911 call. Justin found out about this by being awakened by the police pounding on his door at 3 a.m. Of course he answered his door with gun in tow, as any sane person would at that hour. In response the police threw him and his son to the ground and roughed them up. They were then both charged with resisting arrest.

But the real kicker here is the police were at the wrong apartment. And after discovering this the police are not dropping charges of resisting arrest and aggravated assault. That is some grade A superdickery right there. These cops certainly deserve a spot on the wall of fame of assholes.