Score One for the Good Guys

News is coming down that the Supreme Court has come out with their decision on McDonald vs. Chicago. The vote was 5-4 for the good guys. The second amendment is now incorporated against the states and city governments meaning gun bans like Chicago’s are now completely unconstitutional and should be going away soon.

The NRA released a statement and the Supreme Court’s opinion has been posted.

I think I speak for everybody with a brain when I say Hell yeah!

PSA Fail

Another great post was thrown up over at Every Day, No Days Off. It’s a link to a video of a public service announcement (PSA) for the Amber Alert e-mail notification system. The video is trying to convince you that you do not need a gun to protect your children. Unfortunately for the people who made the video they totally failed at that. Watch is and then ask yourself, would I fuck with these mothers’ kids?


I certainly would not.

Also is that lady holding a RPD that is both belt fed and has an attached drum magazine at the same time? Can that even work?

Speaking of Violating

The Vatican is shocked, SHOCKED I tell you at the raid the Belgian police recently did. The Belgians decided to investigate these sex abuse reports themselves since it is becoming obvious the Catholic Church isn’t. My favorite quote:

The Vatican has expressed shock at raids, including the “violation” of a cathedral crypt, by Belgian police investigating alleged child sex abuse.

The Belgian police violated the cathedral crypt just like the priest violated the children. ZING!

That’ll Teach ‘Em

Rapists are some of the lowest scum on the planet. They are the ultimate authoritarians, forcing themselves upon another just because they get off on power. Well as Dvorak Uncensored points out things may get a little more difficult for these scumbags in South Africa:

A South African doctor has developed a new female condom that she hopes will combat rape in the most painful way possible.

Dr. Sonnet Ehlers has invented Rape-axe, a female device with jagged hooks that latch onto a man’s penis during penetration.

The doctor is distributing 30,000 of these condoms in South Africa during this year’s World Cup.

“It hurts,” Ehlers told CNN. “He cannot pee and walk when it’s on. If he tries to remove it, it will clasp even tighter.”

Not quite as satisfying as blowing a few new holes through them but still awesome. Just good look at the picture, that thing looks vicious.

Even Chine is Finding Gun Control Fails

China isn’t exactly known as the land of the free know a country that has high regard for individual liberty. They have a complete ban on private ownership of firearms as that would allow the peasants to rise up against their rulers.

Thanks to Snowflakes in Hell I found out even China is admitting gun control doesn’t work. When China admits gun control fails you know it’s bad.

More on Microstamping

Via Says Uncle I found a letter to the editor written by none other than Ralph E. Karanian the COO of Kimber. He outlines why microstamping is idiotic and sources actual research showing it’s unreliable at best and worthless at worst.

The problem is he sourced actual research. We all know nobody wants to read that they just want to hear speculation and fear mongering.